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CodeAround is a Solution Tecnology Factory specialized in IT consulting and software development for companies, banks and insurance institutions. Over the years the company has become a consolidated reality in the development of software for the world of banking and insurance, as well as offering consulting services, training and continued assistance.

Today we are able to offer software solutions and web based and mobile applications (Android, IOS, Windows phone etc…) for companies, banks and insurance institutions. We project 360° for each application field, developing products and solutions which can be extended by using a lot of technologies, as well being able to be integrated with third party software.

We approach each commission with the same professionalism, regardless of the size of the company which we are working for, we do not like discrimination, what counts for us is the end result. Our clients are important players in the national and international markets, and with whom we have developed strong relationships, more like partnerships, with a view to collaborating and continual growth.

Some important Feature

  • Short chain. we treat complete software process. From analisys to deploy asap
  • Tecnology always around us.
  • Customer satisfaction ? for us, customer elevation !.
  • Quality, quality, quality.

There are two types of companies: those that change and those that disappear.

(Philip Kotler)



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Our Customers

If we do not take care of our customers, someone else will do it.

  • Reply S.p.A

    Consulting, system integration and digital services, with a focus on the design of solutions based on the web

  • Nuova Allumivetro & C. s.n.c.

    Company that operates in the field of doors and windows

  • Security Architect s.r.l.

    Reference in the ICT sector of many large companies, focus on improvement of the quality, innovation of the solutions.

  • Intempra S.r.l.

    Company with focus on research and development of software and innovative applications

  • BF Service S.r.l.

    Company specialized in calibrating process instrumentation in the food sector

  • Acquedotto Lucano S.p.A.

    the largest public company in Basilicata in the management of the integrated water system.

  • ICAM S.r.l

    Leading European manufacturers of automatic systems for storage and archiving

  • Planet Assistance s.a.s.

    Leading company in southern Italy in the field of computer and professional training

Our Services

Experience, professionality and quality


We offer training on all technologies !!


For all mobile environment, android, ios and uwp developed in native mode


We are able to use appropriate tecnology and design pattern to enterprise solution


Always available for all technology consulting type


Our web solutions are develped with last tecnology, Angular, ASP.NET MVC, React


We apply all common data analysis concept for all database


We realize custom software to support software migration


We take care of the whole supply chain of the software developing

Our Projects

our porjects express our innovation skin.

Telemisure Web is a platform used to import data from sensor to monitoring a lot of water parameters on the source and provide a complete monitoring portal with a complex report mechanism and alarm notification.

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Telemisure Web

Alarm and Monitor software for automation industry

This software allows to manage entire cemetery process. Manage niches, manage accounting of cemetary, report with card for each people ad so on. Technolgies used are: Azure, Microsoft .Net Framework, WPF, Sqlite

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Graveyard Locator

Manage entire cemetery process

Our Technologies

If we do not take care of our customers, someone else will do it.